Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello Pumpkin...Monogram Porch Pumpkin

Looking ahead to fall here is a simple Cricut project to grace your front Steps.  
While out last fall I saw some rather expensive faux pumpkins adorned with cute sayings and clever designs such as pineapples (the symbol of hospitality in case you are wondering).  Shortly after seeing these decorative beauties I was making my "weekly wander" through our local Joanns and I spotted this interesting product...

Post-it Craft paper with the strategically placed Cricut head in the bottom corner. Obviously my Cricut needed to try this. So armed with my Joann's coupon the already on sale pumpkin I headed home in the mood to craft a "designer porch pumpkin" of my own.

This pumpkin was created using my Cricut Personal, Cricut Storybook Cartridge, Design Studio, Post it Adhesive Craft Paper and Modge Podge.  I used 3 layers of Modge Podge allowing it to dry between coats.
I also used a craft knife at strategic places in the border design to make small cuts that help it lay flat around the pumpkin.

Why this works, the adhesive is strong enough to hold the design in place while you decoupage over and its paper qualities absorb the Modge Podge and flex to mold around the contours of the pumpkin.

Vinyl would not absorb the decoupage and become flexible enough for this project.

Difficulty: 2 out of 5
Time to complete 2 - 3 hours (1/2 hour assembly the remainder being 5 minutes at a time to decoupage and drying time between)

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